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HostileWorld is an interactive video training platform specifically designed to offer learning related to security and other areas of risk. The platform uses Near-Life™ technology to deliver an immersive learning experience giving learners a realistic, first-hand experience of life in the field.

FREE Registration

To gain access to the courses on HostileWorld, you'll need to register for a learner account first. It's absolutely FREE and once that's done you'll be able to purchase Hostile Environment Awareness Training, the first course on HostileWorld. You'll have access to the latest in HEAT training content, developed in partnership with Blue Mountain Group, Resilience Advisory Network and ISAR.

Learn at your own pace

When you purchase a course on HostileWorld, you'll have access to the course materials for 12 months, which means you'll be able to learn at your own pace. Once completed, you'll receive a course certificate.

Our online platform means that you'll be able to take the course from anywhere at anytime (provided that you have a good internet connection). This also means you'll be able to refer to the learning and support materials even while on mission.

Near-Life™ technology

Plus, our innovative Near-Life™ interactive learning scenarios mean that you'll be able to test your knowledge in a safe environment via filmed scenarios that put you in the situations you'll most likely face while out in the field.

Showcase your skills

Earn a certificate when you complete a HostileWorld course. All of our courses entitle you to a certificate of completion, which you can download from your personal dashboard.