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We've taken HEAT training online!

We've taken HEAT training online!

12th June 2017

Welcome to HostileWorld; we thought we’d kick off with an intro to HEAT training, its purpose and how we are using our Near-Life™ technology to widen access to vital skills, saving lives in the process.

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Personal Security Training

1st June 2017

Personal safety and security depends on the decisions you make on a daily basis. By being aware, employing cultural common sense and making responsible, intelligent choices, you can significantly reduce the risks to your own safety.

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Hostile Environment Training

31st May 2017

Hostile Environment Training is designed for anyone working in or travelling to potentially dangerous or unsettled regions and territories.

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Security in the field

26th May 2017

Operating in an unfamiliar environment with heightened security risk can increase your vulnerability. You can greatly improve your security in the field by applying some basic security precautions.

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